Yunlights Candy Cane Pathway Lights 27 Inches Christmas Pathway Markers Outdoor Christmas Decoration, Set Of 10

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Brand : Yunlights
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A path lined with beautiful red and white candy cane lights is surely one of the most cheerful and festive holiday decorations you can have.
And that's exactly what you get with this set. There are two sets of five lights; they can be strung together to cover about 16 feet of path,
or used separately on both sides of 8 feet of path. If you want to light up a longer path, up to five sets of these lights can be connected together.
At a tall 27 inches, these lights will shine bright even over a big snowfall!

And of course these could be used in other ways as well. To decorate the sides of your driveway, or along a front hedge, around a tree, and so on.
To install these lights, just press the stake that comes with each candy cane into the ground. (If your ground is frozen or hard,
make a hole by driving a garden stake or something similar into the ground first.) Plug them in, and watch your yard light up with good cheer and holiday spirit!
The lights can be spaced about 20 inches apart, and there's a long 16-foot power cord to reach to your outlet.

Once you see how great these lights look, we predict you'll be ordering more sets to brighten up your property even more.
And your neighbors will be asking where you got them as well!

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THE PERFECT HOLIDAY DECORATION FOR YOUR FRONT PATH. What could be more cheerful and Christmas-y than twin rows of lit-up candy canes lining your front path?*BRIGHT AND COLORFUL, WITH TEN LIGHTS IN EACH CANE. When you and your family come home to these cute red and white candy cane lights, they'll brighten your whole day!*CHAIN THEM TOGETHER FOR LONGER PATHS.[Upgrade] Each candy cane light has 10 bulbs and is 27" tall higher and brighter than others. You get two sets of five lights, enough for both sides of about 8 feet of pathway. You also can chain up to 5 sets together.*EASY TO INSTALL, UL LISTED. Each candy cane comes with a ground stake to hold it in place. These lights are safe in snow and rain and come with spare bulbs and fuses.*NO-RISK PURCHASE! UNCONDITIONAL ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.