Yiechimi Portable Outdoor Clip on Book Reading Lamp,2 Heads by 2 Flex Necks Eye-Friendly White in 4 Brightness for Readers/Kids/Worker by USB or 3 AAA Batteries(Batteries NOT Included)

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Brand : Yiechimi
UPC : 747880090959

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Our Advantages:
†Save energy, only a little electricity consumption when reading, suitable for night reading without disturbing your family.
†Swan neck twist, you can adjust any direction of the lightness until you find the favorite angle.
†LED eye-protection beads + spotlight long diffuser, you can read as long as you like, no harm to your eyes.
† Can stand and be clamped (the clamping height is 5 cm), you can bring and put it wherever you want.
† Shockproof and shatterproof, have silicone cushion protect the bottom when stand.
†Long life use: LED is solid cold light source, anti-shock and epoxy resin packaging. There never found loose parts in the light body or disadvantages such as filament burning, heat deposition and light fades. The use life is up to 60,000~100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times of traditional lamp. Our LED lamp performance is very stable, and can work well in --30~+50°C environment..
—†Low power consumption and high safety factor: Normally, LED working voltage is 2-3.6V and working current is 0.02-0.03A. This means our power consumption is less than 0.1W. Required voltage and current are small, then less heating will be produced and no any security risks.

1x Reading lamp with two heads with two button
1x 40Inches USB cable

†3 AAA batteries NOT included.
†Don't look directly at the LED lights.
†If no use for a long time, please shut off the power and take out the battery.

  • New green LED cold light source and nanosecond response: DC low voltage drive, ultra low power consumption (Single tube 0.03~0.06W). The transform of electro optic power is nearly 100%. Under the same lighting effect, more than 80% energy can saved than traditional light source. Nanosecond ultra-short response is far quicker than traditional lamp with millisecond response.
  • 360 degrees twist, sensitive touch and 2 power modes- USB + 3 AAA battery: It consists of 4 LED bulbs, 4 brightness modes and 2 switch buttons. First time press the switch, light up the first LED; second time press, then light up the second LED. Enough bright light can cover the whole computer screen or 2 pages of book, so you can have a comfortable reading at night. 360 degrees twist, you can use at any angle freely.
  • Easy to carry and anti-slip silicone cushion of clip base make our lamp stands more stable: Clamp base can stand or be clamped (the clamping height is 5 cm). It not only has ultra light 5 levels of brightness, also has elegant swan neck which is very easy to carry. It is very convenient for you to bring and put it on wherever you want.
  • Eye-protection, no radiation and no harmful substance: Our LED lamp works in pure DC and flicker-free, eliminating the visual fatigue by traditional strobe light. There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in our spectrum. In this way, no radiation is produced, but traditional light have this radiation. Waste recyclable, no pollution and no mercury elements, you can touch it safely.
  • Warm white light makes you feel more comfortable and happy: Warm white light is very soft, and the color temperature is between 3300K and 5300K. Our LED lamp is very suitable for music stand, pianos, orchestras, books, DIY, electronic readers, tablet computers (such as Kindle, iPad), magazines and computers.