XLEDIA D100N-Diamond Series (A19,100W Equivalent,1520 lm,Cool White,Omni+Enclosed)

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Brand : XLEDIA
UPC : 762148000000


Thermal Tunneling Resistance (TTR). XLEDIA invented a unique patented technology which we call "THERMAL TUNNELING RESISTANCE" or TTR. It creates a thermal tunneling effect which enhances air particles that tunnel through the heat sink and carries out heat generated by the emitters. TTR reduces the weight of a bulb by up to 60% and improves the cooling efficiency by up to 15 degrees celsius. High Performance Substrates: XLEDIA developed high thermal conductive materials such as aluminum nitride and beryllium oxide which are applied on our substrates. High Efficient Power Drive: When our high performance substrates and TTR technology are combined for cooling, the power drives can be kept at a lower temperature. This lower temperature extends the bulb's life time by up to 50,000 hours. XLEDIA LED bulbs have passed tests in which the bulb was operated in an enclosed chamber at 60 degrees celsius, 90% moisture and for 1,000 hours.

  • XLEDIA bulbs can be used in enclosed fixtures and still retain its long life and performance.
  • These are the first commercial available products in North America.
  • XLEDIA LED light bulbs adopt TTR technology (Tunneling Thermal Resistance) to effectively dissipate heat from both LEDs and power drive.
  • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.57(Based on 3 hrs/day, 11/kWh,cost depends on rates and use)
  • , for more detail please check official website:www.xledia.com