WWWJ Bicycle Headlight Riding Night Light,3Lights L2Lamp Beads Outdoor Super Bright Chargable Head Torch,Lightweight Portable Clip Lamp

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Brand : WWWJ
UPC : 7791234124428

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Power: Charging
Switch Type: Hand Pressure
Light Source Form: LED
Applicable Environment: Daily Carrying, Cavern, Camping, Patrol, Hunting, Trekking, Search, Self-defense, Night Fishing, Night Ride
Color: Black

  • Made of high-quality rubber material, dustproof and waterproof, built-in power indicator, real-time monitoring of electricity level
  • We are used to such high quality imported T6 lamp beads HIGH QUALITY IMPORTED T6 LAMP BEAD maximum brightness up to 600 lumens life up to 100,000 hours
  • The design is novel and unique, ingenious and aggressive; the surface structure has anti-slip function, more wear-resistant and more comfortable to the touch.
  • Long-lasting battery life, large capacity parallel battery pack, large battery capacity to ensure long-lasting battery life, use external battery design, no need to change batteries frequently, even more
  • It forms a high-power, long-distance, long-life lighting for the country's imported double lamp beads.