WEDO 16W 2018 New Ultra-Thin Round LED Recessed Ceiling Panel Flat Down Light Lamp, 1600 Lumens, 6000K (Cool White), Home Office Commercial Lighting,Pack of 5

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Brand : WeDo
UPC : 813261000000


1. Not Dimmable
2. The light source is designed at the bottom of the panel, frontal illumination, make the emitted light more uniform and bright
3. Use acrylic light guide plate, high light transmittance, durable, no shadow and glare
4. Environmental protection, no UV or IR radiation output
5. 50000 hours average extremely long life, reduces replacement frequency, lower maintenance costs

Color: Cool White 6000K
Shape: Round
Luminous Flux: 1440lm
Color Rendering Index (CRI):75
Material: Die casting aluminum
Cut Hole: 105mm (4.13 inches)
Dimension: �0x28mm
Warranty: 3 years

Home, corridor, balcony, office, commercial lighting, store lighting, supermarket, department store, clothing store, workshop, warehouse, etc.

How to choose the lights color?
3000K: Used in family, hotels, coffee shops and other warm and sweet environment required.
4500K: Used in home where need a soft white lighting atmosphere.
6000K: Used in office, working area, shopping mall and other commercial area or some place where need super bright.

How many lights do i need for?
For example: 107sq.ft area, 8ft install height:
Home (require 90150lux): 7W: 5PCs; 16W: 3PCs; 24W: 2PCs; 32W: 1PC.
Office or Commercial (require 180240lux) : 7W: 9PCs; 16W: 5PCs; 24W: 3PCs; 32W: 2PCs.

Package Contents:
5 x 16W round LED panel lights.

  • High Efficiency: WEDO LED ceiling panel light provides high brightness output, provides 1440 lumens and consumes just 16W, average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Energy Saving: The great alternative to older florescent bulbs and can lights, 16W equivalent to 80W florescent bulb, energy savings of up to 80%.
  • Wide Operating Voltage: Compatible with AC 85265V wide voltage isolation drive, one drive can carry one light.
  • Easy to Install: Connect the provided drive to the light with male/female cable, use spring clip to fix it on the ceiling, install in seconds.
  • Wide Application: Ideal for offices, hotel, metro station, meeting room, living room, bedrooms, washroom, kitchen, hallways warehouse, work shop and other commercial or residential place.