Versanora - Monopiede Monopod Floor Lamps - Black/Rose Gold

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Brand : Versanora
UPC : 611360000000

With your ever-changing lifestyle, a rooms purpose can shift from one moment to the next. What may be your bedroom at one moment can become your home office a few minutes later, and that means the lighting in your rooms needs to be able to adjust to your shifting needs. While the overhead lighting in your bedroom may serve you perfectly well for watching Netflix before bed, you need more focused lighting when its time to buckle down and work. The Monopiede floor lamp offers a versatile lighting solution that can adapt to your needs. With a solid brass base, and adjustable black lamp head, this lamp offers stability so that you can direct light to where you need it. The simple, no-frills design of the Monopiede floor lamp draws inspiration from the minimalist era, combining classic lines with contrasting colors for a modern look with a touch of retro style. This lamp gets the job done, and it does it with a touch of style.