Usb Neon El Wire For Car Interior Bike Cosplay Festival Decoration Led Glowing Electroluminescent Wire Light Cold Lights With Drive Light Lamp Glow String Strip 5V (1M Blue)

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Brand : Kingcorey
UPC : 778716962607

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Voltage: 5V USB charger
Light mode: stable light
Life time: more than 12,000 hours
Working temperature: -40 ° C to 80 ° C
Light bar diameter: 2.3 mm, sewing edge 6 mm.
Package List: EL Wire x 1 Controller x 1
> can be bent into any shape
>Glowing colors are rich, which can make complex colors flicker
> Even light and soft
>Do not heat, no UV
>High luminous efficiency and low power consumption
>Anti-vibration, no maintenance required

Product performance advantages:
1. Harmless - no UV rays, no adverse effects on the human body.
2. Arbitrary shape---You can make various shapes according to user needs.
3. Low power consumption - When the battery is very low, it will also emit light, and the power consumed is milliwatts.
4. Ultra-thin - the thinnest can reach 0.15mm or less.
5. Bendable - It can illuminate a variety of shapes and bend the light to fit the shape of the product.
6. No heat - The electroluminescent panel is a cold light source. There is substantially no temperature rise during operation and the operating temperature is below the operating temperature of the fluorescent lamp.
7. The light is even and soft - the light does not flicker and does not cause eye strain and fatigue.
8. Good impact resistance - The electroluminescent panel is different from other light-emitting devices and is not susceptible to failure due to external impact.
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Energy saving, environmental protection, low energy consumption, uniform and soft lighting, no glare, driving safety is guaranteed.*Flexible and waterproof, it can be bent into any shape and cut to any length and can be cut, but you need to seal the new end.*Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of cars, home decoration, shopping windows, Christmas trees, holiday fences, outdoor signs, stage design, night fountains, lighting banners, etc.*Recommendation: When installing in a car, please consult a professional auto repairman for easy installation, due to the complexity and safety of the car circuit.*Note: When the product is used in the controller, it will make a slight beep; when the large current input and the short circuit coexist, the drive will be burned instantly.