Unity AG-M-7682 Chrome 6" Diameter 100W Halogen Spot Decklight with Magnetic Bracket

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Brand : Unity
UPC : 027547041570

Product Description:

Unity Spot Deck light features an E-Z grip knob and a unit-mounted switch to provide amiable light when and where you want it. Designed to manually rotate through 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. The magnetic mount bracket, no. 7003, is for use on flat vertical surfaces and comes complete with a 12 foot cord. Heavy-duty chrome finish on non-corrosive materials makes Unity deck lights ideal for marine applications. Clear spotlight lamp, 100 watts, 245,000 CP, 100 hours lamp life, chrome finish. 12 Volts.

  • Tightly controlled 100 watt, 245,000 candlepower beam
  • 360 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical rotation
  • Body mounted on-off switch and grip for ease of operation
  • Magnetic mount bracket for use on flat horizontal surfaces includes 12 foot cord