TROND LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Dimmable 30W, 5500K Natural Daylight (Not Warm Yellow), Max. 4200 lumens, 71-Inch, 30-Minute Timer, Compatible with Wall Switch, for Living Room Bedroom Office (Silver)

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Brand : TROND
UPC : 728120944577

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THE Innovative LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
196 embedded LEDs can emit sufficient natural light (daylight, instead of warm white) to light up your living room, bedroom or office;
Three touchsensitive buttons allow you to turn on/off the lamp and adjust the brightness up to 5 levels;
The integrated memory function can remember the previous brightness setting from your last use (only if the power is not cut off from the lamp);
Long press the on/off switch for 2 seconds in order to activate the 30minute timer.

Material: Aluminum Alloy, except for the lamp head rim
Light Source: 2835 LED, 0.2W * 196pcs
Power Consumption: 30W (max), 22V/1.5A
CRI Ra: over 82
Illumination: 4000lux@40cm (at brightest level)
Color Temperature: 5500K (natural daylight, not warm yellow)
Lamp Head Diameter: 22cm / 8.66in
Lamp Poles: 43cm * 4 / 16.9in * 4
Base Diameter: 23cm / 9.05in
Overall Lamp Height: 180cm / 71in
Weight: 3.68kg / 8.10 lb.

The light bulbs are embedded into the head and cannot be replaced, as is quite common with most LED products;
You may experience 3~4 seconds delay before the lamp could be turned back on, due to different wall switch design;
This floor lamp emits netural white daylight, instead of warm white (or yellow) light. Please do not order this lamp if you prefer yellow light;
If you have a large living room or bedroom, please consider ordering two or more units so that the light could be evenly spread across your room;
This lamp produces ceilingreflected light so as to light up your room. Therefore it won't fulfill its purpose if it's placed in a room with very high ceilings.

  • NATURAL DAYLIGHT TORCHIERE FLOOR LAMP. Some customers complained about the insufficient brightness of the previous 196LED version. Therefore we've upgraded this lamp with 56 highlyefficient 3030 LEDs (1W per LED). Together with the max. 30W power consumption, it can emit sufficient natural light (5500K) to light up your 15' x 20' living room, bedroom or office, ideal for those who prefer daylight over warm yellow light
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE. It innovatively features 4 modular aluminum rods, all of which have the integrated power cords built inside. This design gives you the convenience & flexibility to assemble, disassemble and adjust the height. Its total height is 180cm/71in, taller than other similar lamps, so that you won't stare directly at the bright light
  • TOUCHSENSITIVE & 5LEVEL DIMMABLE. Instead of old mechanical switch, all its buttons (on/off switch, brighten up, brighten down) are touchcontrollable. At its brightest, the illumination is up to 5000lm, whereas at the dimmest, it's only about 630lm. Long press the on/off switch for 2 seconds to activate the 30minute light timer walk upstairs safely without manually turning off the light
  • COMPATIBLE w/ WALL SWITCH. TROND Halo X is perhaps the first lamp which doesn't use the mechanical switch, but can be turned on/off by using your wall switch or smart plug. However, you may experience a delay of 15 seconds before the light could be turned back on, due to different wiring design of your wall switches. Unlike the previous 196LED version, the upgraded 56LED lamp will be turned back at its brightest level when using the wall switch
  • MEMORY FUNCTION. The lamp remembers the previous brightness setting from your last use, if you use the power switch to turn on/off the lamp, meaning when the power is NOT cut off. However, if you use wall switch or smart plug, the lamp always gets lit up at its brightest level when it's turned back on NO memory function once the power is cut off