Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp Table Desk Lighting Baroque Design W16H64 E26

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Important before buy
WHY THE LINE LOOK ROUGH: We welding the small glass with tin and copper foil by hand,so line on the surface not smooth, some also have rough gap
WHY LOOK DARK: Tiffany lamp main for decoration and reading, The stained glass show beautiful color but Obstruct the light bright big area
WHY COLOR INHOMOGENEITY: The stained glass look like cloud or Oil Painting,the color is similar but not same,some area maybe big different
WHY LOOK LIKE PLASTIC: The small piece glass been jointed together,so the Percussion is Depressing, but glass weight is 2 times than plastic,and couldn't been burn by fire, please test it
Products information
Height:64inch(162cm) shade Diameter:16inch(40cm)
Bulb:Type A Max 60Watt 110V (Bulb not included) Halogen show much better effect than LED
Lampshade: Stained Glass
Lampbase: Resin
Base color:Bronze Antique
Cut glass: The craftsman should cut the big piece stained glass into thousands small pieces, and smooth all the edge of glass
Copper foil: The craftsman bind the smallglass with copper foil,this can help the glass be weld with tin one by one
Weld: The craftsman put the small glass into the model according the pattern,and weld the glass with tin
Surface treatment: After weld, the lampshade need to change the tin color into black with chemical
About Us:
As manufacturer of tiffany lamp,we can accept specially inquire about size,color or other change, contact us if any question

  • Mix stained glass color including blue and purple: With Light the shade looks more purple. Without Light the shade looks more blue.Beautiful Decoration for living room
  • Wide: 16 inch, Tall 64 inch, Switch: Pull Chain, UL listed, Finish: Resin Base with Bronze color and Stained Glass Lampshade
  • Bulb: 2*60 watt E26 incandescent BULB, Different bulb can get different effect, Simple assembly
  • Beautiful Decoration with High Quality for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 90 days refund guarantee & 24 months warranty & 24 hours Services everyday
  • Color Available:Blue Purple Floor Lamp W16 Inch H 64 Inch