THEA Home Battery- Operated Flameless LED Remote Candle,LED Flameless Candle Lights,LED Artificial Pillar Candles Lights with Remote Control,Candle Size(3x4,3x5,3x6 inch) (Pack of 3) (White)

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Brand : THEA
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1.Battery Operated Flameless LED candle is made of real wax,with flicking lights,so that it looks more like burning candles. 2.HOW TO USE IT:First,open the the battery covers at the bottom of the candles.Then load 2*AA at the bottom of each candle ,Next,put the battery covers back and push the switch. 3.SHOW TIME:Now,let's began our show.You can move the switch to a remote control first.Then pick up the matching remote, so you can easily control the candle.By the way,each LED bulb can keep lighting up 250 hours. 4.This set is a very perfect home decor,and they also give your home the comfort and warmth of glowing flickering candle light without the fear of fire! áThey are safe to use near children and pets.Pls don not worry about.Just enjoy it~

  • ABOUT THEA HOME BATTERY OPERATED LED FLAMELESS LED CANDLE SET:This set is made of real wax and it very romantic with ice flower look.This set is use a very safe and magical wax.The product consists of three different sizes of candles(3x4",3x5",3x6")and a remote control.
  • EASY TO USE :This candle set is remote-controlled and with a remote control.On-Off-Remote switch and rempte control for easy and convinience operation.If you want to control the candles at a distance,you need move the switch to "remote" at the botton of the each candle,the battery requirement for each candle is 3xAAA(Battery are note included).By the way,the longest distance from the remote control is 3 meters.
  • ARE YOU PLANNING FOR CHRISTMAS DAY OR A BIG PARTY? I promise that you will love these three fantastic candles when you get them.Just put them in your parties or put them into your favorate lanterns,candle holders or everywhere you want.As a christmas decorations ,there is nothing more approprate than them.They're pretty sure to add up for your Christmas party.
  • 100% SAFE AROUND THESE:Enjoy all the benefits of traditional candles .We are really care about you and your family member's safety and a risk of fire shouldn't be a concern.No more smoke and don't worry about falling asleep without blowing out the candle .Just enjoy the Christmas Day!
  • ABOUT US :THEA HOME is a very fantastic online candle market.We have been been making flameless candles over ten years.We are committed to providing a quality candle experence for you.