The Lamborghini of Book Lights - Warm, Cool and Natural Light Types in One Superb Reading Lamp - All in All, Adjustable, Long Lasting, Rechargeable, Portable, Elegant - Best Investment for Book Lovers

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Brand : Ecologic Mart
UPC : 711841585372

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Are you looking for the best book light, but do not know which color temperature is according to your vision?
You no longer have to choose before buying, carry this lamp with the three most popular colors and choose your color in practice.
All in All! Rechargeable, with an extra long cable that allows you to work while charging and a secure UL Listed charger, you will not miss anything.

Enjoy reading your favorite books with the 3000K warm light, take it camping, traveling, on the plane, on a bus, in the car.
Increase its light level and you can use it as a desk light to study or work, a music stand light, a lectern light and even a flashlight for night excursions or changing baby's diapers.

This is the new concept in reading lights, a lamp that offers a type of light for every taste.

What's in the package?
- 3 Color Temperature Book Light / 3 Brightness Level on Each Color.
- UL Listed Fast Charger. Input: 110-240VAC - Output 1.0A, 5VDC.
- EXTRA LONG Micro-USB cable 6.5 feet (2 M)
- Soft bag to carry any where.
- Downloadable user manual (We print just enough to avoid paper consumption and the destruction of trees).

What is new in this version?
- Three types of light in the same lamp.
- Extra long battery life, from 2 to 130 hours.
- Easy to open compartment to replace the battery.
- Hole to hang on the wall, ideal for galleries or the room.
- Indicators of charge and battery status.
- 1200 mAh battery.

  • �MORE TIME TO READ‘With a 1200mAh (20% more that others) rechargeable battery you can read up to 130 hours per charge with 2 of the 10 LEDs on.
  • �MORE FLEXIBILITY OF USE‘Holding the book, the edge of the desk or the music stand, hanging on the wall or standing, you have freedom of choice. Two arms enlarge the illuminated area enormously avoiding dark areas.
  • �MORE LIGHT OPTIONS‘Nothing more personal than the sense of sight, enjoy being able to choose the color of light that makes your eyes feel more relaxed while you read your favorite books. Warm, Cool and Natural in Low, Medium and High Brightness; which one will you like the most?
  • �BONUSES‘This is the most complete book light you will find on , Includes: Extra Long USB Cable, Secure UL Listed Charger 1.0A and Elegant Carry Back.