Syl Halogen Clr 72w Ss Size Ea Syl Halogen 72w Ss Clear

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Brand : Sylvania
UPC : 046135525513

Product Description:

2 Pack - Sylvania 72w 120v A-Shape A19 E26 Clear Halogen Light Bulb, 1520 lumens - 100w incandescent equivalent

HALOGEN Classic Replacement lamps fill the performance gap between incandescent and CFL lighting solutions by offering superior light quality and energy savings at an affordable price.
The Sylvania 52551 72 watt bulbs are a perfect replacement for 100w incandescent lamps being phased out by the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) and an excellent alternative to CFL when light quality is important.
Operating on a halogen capsule, HALOGEN Classic lamps produce a higher lamp efficacy and provide energy savings of up to 33% when compared to incandescent lamps.
The lamps offer all the benefits of halogen technology: true color (100 CRI), instant-on, are fully dimmable and mercury free - with energy savings that meet Federal EISA 2007 requirements.
HALOGEN Classic lamps are the solution for affordable energy savings with superior light quality.

- Wattage: 72 watt
- Lumens: 1520Lm
- Up to 33% energy savings over standard full wattage lamps
- Fully dimmable
- 100 CRI
- Meets EISA requirements
- Instant on/cold start
- Mercury free
- Passes Federal TCLP tests
- Made in the USA
- RoHS compliant

  • Color/Finish: Clear