SWITCH Lighting A23201FA2-R Classic A19 LED Light Bulb with 75-Watt Replacement and Frost Lens, Soft White (2700K)

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Brand : SWITCH Lighting
UPC : 0847850000053

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SWITCH Lighting A23201FA2-R Classic A19 LED Light Bulb with 75-Watt Replacement and Frost Lens, Soft White (2700K)

The SWITCH bulb demonstrates the way an everyday object can be elevated into art. Carefully crafted with an industrial aesthetic, our bulb is so good-looking that it might steal some of the spotlight. The brightest idea in light bulbs in over 100 years, the SWITCH light bulb is a remarkable piece of digital technology. Powered by a unique driver and tricked out with the most technically advanced cooling system, this is not your grandfathers light bulb. All this and its just as easy to screw in. The sculpted curves of the SWITCH bulb dont only look good - theyre also highly functional. With a metal base that disperses heat and an intelligent system that continually monitors the bulbs temperature, our LEDs never get too hot - allowing them to last for thousands of hours. A SWITCH bulb isnt a commodity - its an asset. We designed our light bulbs to use minimal energy and last a long time, making them a worthwhile investment. Getting more out than you put in makes this relationship a keeper. The bulb that pays for itself - and then some. Save energy and make money by getting back an average of 150 over the lifetime of each bulb. With its self-cooling technology, the SWITCH bulb dramatically reduces energy consumption by requiring only a fraction of the power used by an incandescent. That converts to extra cash for you. A light that wont drain your energy, the SWITCH bulb has an average lifespan of 25,000 hours - so youll rarely have to replace it. Performing a ladder-top balancing act to change a bulb doesnt have to be on your regular to-do list. Think how much more you can accomplish when you leave your lighting to SWITCH.

  • Stunning visual design that looks as good off as it does on, all within the standard A-form factor
  • Liquid cooling that is up to 40% more efficient than standard air-cooled lamps
  • Instant on, operates in any orientation and with a wide variety of fixtures, including recessed and fully enclosed applications
  • Can be used with a wide variety of dimmers