StarLight LED Light for Patio Umbrella Poles & Tent Poles with 28 LEDs, 3-Level Dimming (Black)

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Brand : StarLight
UPC : 755899212330

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Product Description:

Here's the perfect way to add lighting under a patio umbrella. Just put batteries in this light, release the clasp so it hinges open, and close it around the patio umbrella pole. That's it! Springy rubber pads will grip any pole from 1 inch to 1 3/4 inch diameter, holding the light in place. Instantly you have a light that's just right for casting a warm glow on a table and chairs under the umbrella. The light can be set to three levels of brightness, too: The softest setting will be great for when you're just sitting quietly in your yard, enjoying the stars and fireflies, the brighter setting for playing cards or visiting with friends, and brightest for outdoor parties and nighttime barbecues.

Because these lights are battery-powered, there's no complicated installation, no extension cords, no house-current lighting fixtures potentially getting rained on or knocked over.

These lights are also great for yard tents, event tents, and canopies. Even in places where there's no pole to clamp it to, it has a hanging ring in the center so you can hang it from a cord or hook.

4 AA batteries required (not included). One set of batteries lasts from approximately 10 hours (full brightness, 28 LEDs) to 24 hours (4 LEDs). Rechargeable batteries can be used.

Order today and see just how much this simple light can add to your enjoyment of your outdoor space!

  • Super-convenient lighting for under a patio umbrella, under a canopy or event tent, or even use it in your house for emergency lighting.
  • Opens up to snap onto poles easily (no need to lift or move the pole), and spring-loaded gripper pads fit poles from 1 inch to 1 3/4 inch. It can also be hung from a cord or hook.
  • Three brightness levels give you the perfect light for all sorts of outdoor yard activities: Soft (4 LEDs), bright (24 LEDs), or extra bright (28 LEDs).
  • Battery powered, so no wiring needed, no extension cords running over the yard. Efficient LEDs ensure both plenty of light and long battery life.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)