Stalwart 75-MAG1009 2X Desktop & Clip On Led Magnifier Lamp with 5X Bifocal Lens, 3.5" x 2.2" x 13.5"

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Brand : Stalwart
UPC : 732454234730

Product Description:

Designed with the hobbyist, electrician, jeweler, and crafter in mind, this helping hands 2X desktop clip on LED magnifier lamp is the perfect solution for anyone doing detailed work. The two adjustable alligator clips will hold your work firmly in position, freeing up your hands for soldering, gluing and other tasks. The 2X magnifier acts as an important visual aid while the 5X bifocal lens helps to focus in on the very smallest details. The versatile base offers extendable legs for stability when sitting on a flat surface like a counter top or table. The base also offers a sturdy clamp that you can use to attach the magnifier to the side of a table or desk with the legs folded back into the base! you have the flexibility to use this helping hands magnifier in configuration that suits your needs. (Magnifications stated are approximates and may vary slightly.)

  • 2x primary and 5x bifocal magnification lenses
  • Sturdy base offers fold out legs for stability on flat surfaces clamp for attachment to table or desk
  • Modern design with 3.5 inch rimless primary lens
  • Two alligator clips hold a variety of objects securely in place so your hands remain free, 2 bright LED lights illuminate your work
  • Dimensions: length: 3.5 inches diameter lens; width: 2.2 inches base; height: 13.5 inches maximum