Solar Street Light / Solar Area Light / Solar Lampost / 10 Watt

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Brand : Bright Night Solar Lighting
UPC : 680569980465

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This is one of the most convenient and versatile solar street lights on the market! The waterproof IP65 aluminum alloy and toughened glass housing integrates the solar panel, the replaceable lithium ion batteries, and the dusk-to-dawn timing controller all into one unit. Installation is as simple as bolting the light onto a pole or flat surface by using its integrated bracket...there are no wires to connect whatsoever! The light is fully automatic. It takes approximately 9-10 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge, with the panel facing south. Longer when below 32°F. Coming on at dusk, it works in bright mode for 5 hours, then reduces to 25% brightness for the remaining 7 hours of the night, during which time it is also motion activated to go back to bright mode temporarily with IR (infra-red) sensed movement. The professional quality and reliability of this outstanding light makes it suitable for numerous outdoor uses around your home, farm, ranch, swimming pool, deck, boating dock or business location. The practical and modern design of the All-in-One also offers excellent opportunities for commercial installations such as walking paths, parking lots, patios, plazas, restaurants, waterfronts, park grounds and more. Also excellent to use for illuminating private drives and remote work sites, providing enhanced safety, security and convenience in otherwise dark or inaccessible locations that are beyond the affordable reach of electric power service. Solar energy is very cost effective compared to the trenching and cabling required for conventional area lighting. Plus there are no monthly utility bills for the solar power. Item is the solar light only complete with the integrated pole bracket, pole is not included. Please see our other listings on for additional brackets and mounting options. Light operates in temperatures above -4°F. For multiple light pole installations the recommended spacing is 33' feet between poles.

  • All-in-One Solar Street Light excellent as an area light, parking lot light, patio light or yard light, with 48 LEDs
  • Professional quality, elegant and versatile -- Can be mounted onto a standard 2 3/8" pipe or a flat surface. Mounting bracket is included.
  • All aluminum alloy case construction with tempered glass panes protecting the 15 watt solar panel and the dual enclosures of LED's -- Waterproof IP65 rating for outdoor use
  • 10 watt Super-Bright 48-LED array rated at 1000 lumens -- listed as approx. equivalent to 100 watt incandescent light -- recommended installation height 10' - 14' feet
  • Fully automatic operation -- on at dusk and off at dawn -- recharges by day with the sun -- Lasts up to 3 nights on a full charge -- FCC certified for use in the USA