Solar Street Light // HEX 780X Solar Ambience Street Light (Warm White LED) // 3-Level Power Setting // Fits Max Pole Diameter 2.5"

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Brand : Solar Light Mart
UPC : 637632739789

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Benefits & Features:
a) Trench Wiring - with the HEX 780X you do not need to run underground wire from the nearest electrical transformer to your lighting system.
b) Trenching - Because the HEX 780X is a completely standalone, self-contained Solar Wall Light System/ Solar Flood Light, you do not need to pay the additional costs of digging trenches for your underground wiring.
c) Replacement Landscaping - Because you do not have to trench to install the HEX 780X, there is no additional cost for replacing and repairing the ground that is torn up during the trenching process.
d) Land Usage Rights - With no need for external wire connections, etc, the HEX 780X allows you, the outdoor user to provide consistent, affordable lighting to your lighting locations without the need to negotiate with property owners to use their property for underground wiring and landscaping.
e) No Electric Meter - With the HEX 780X there is no need to meter your lighting system. This means you save the cost of purchasing and installing a meter, and the electrical connection fees.
f) No Electric Usage and Demand Charges - Because the HEX 780X is entirely solar powered, you do not need to pay for electrical usage.
g) LED light life span more than 50,000 hours - Save on light bulb replacement, maintenance and installation costs.

Lithium batteries are manufactured to high standards for high power applications, safety, strong thermal stability, tolerance to abuse, high current rating and 1,000 cycle life. Lithium batteries are recyclable.

Package includes: 1*solar light fixture; 2*bolts; 2*nuts

Pole is not included.

The light only comes on at night.

  • Ambience lighting. Three levels user-defined power setting: High-Normal-Low for 3-7-12 hours of lighting operation time. Equipped with Lithium battery for longer charging cycle against conventioanl battery. Built for outdoor, IP65.
  • Fits maximum pole diameter 6 cm (2.5 inch). Designed for 2.0 - 2.5 meter (6 - 8 feet) mounting height and 3 - 4 meter (10 - 13 feet) distance between each light for optimum light coverage. Important Notice: pole is not included.
  • Warm white LED for non-invasive night illumination to add extra layer of perimeter security. Frosted lens with geometry print exudes futuristic-contemporary touch. Comes with stainless steel bolts and nuts made to international standard GB/T818 and DIN934. Stainless steel bolts and nuts fit into the u-brackets.
  • Be sure to charge HEX 780X in full sun for 8 hours before use. When HEX 780X does not perform according to setting, please turn off the system and charge in full sun for 3 days before use. Low battery power prohibits system to function normally. The light only comes on at night. Package includes: 1*solar street light fixture with built-in Lithium battery, mounting bracket.
  • Things to Avoid: Do not mount the light at fascia or the rake of the house due to high probability of half-day shade on solar panel. Insufficient sunlight exposure will shorten operating hours then drain the battery, resulting the light non-functional for few days. Quick Fix: Turn off the light and remove from current position, charge under full sun for 6-7 days before turning on.