Shorting Cap-for3P/5P/7P TwistLock Photocell Receptacle Temporary Protection

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Brand : Chiswear
UPC : 751677762868

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Initial Testing: Turn on the power and verify the lamp turned on.
Application Scene:The photocontroller JL-208-IP66 is applicable to take the place of a twist-lock photocontrol used to control street lighting,garden lighting,passage lighting and doorway lighting temporary,to keep the fixture powered on always

  • Intend to short a twist-lock photocontrol receptacle while under maintain.Easy-to-maintain Twist-lock(ANSI C136.10)
  • IP66 body protection/IP65 while installed with recognized receptacle.
  • UV stabilized Polycarbonate Enclosure/UV stabilized Polybutylene Base.
  • This product provides twist lock terminals meeting the requirements of ANSI C136.10-2010 and the Standard for Plug-In,Locking Type Photocontrols for Use with Area Lighting UL773.
  • Can be used with a receptacle meeting ANSI C136.41-2013.