RuiLing 2-Pack 10A 250V Desk Lamp Button Inline Cord Switch Table Light Appliance Bed On/Off (Black)

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Brand : RuiLing
UPC : 713871357707

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Material: Plastic,Metal
Color: Black
Voltage: 220V
Current: 10A
Work Life:10000 Times
Color: White.
This switch can be used in table/desk lamp, mirror lamp, wall lamp, etc.
Easy to install. ON/OFF button can switch LED strip light on and off.
Suitable for office, home, bedroom light switch replacement.

Package included:
2pcs Button Inline Cord Switch

  • Dimension: 71.5x26.5x21mm/2.81"x1.08"x0.85 ".Voltage: 220V. Current: 10A. Work Life:10000 Times.
  • This single-pole on/off line power cord switch is designed to replace an old broken switch or to add a switch to a light or electrical appliance that did not previously have a switch.
  • The switch status can be illuminated with LED indicator light.Easy to install,
  • Using high quality and durable material,solid construction,beautiful appearance,long service life.
  • Suitable for table lamp,mirror lamp,wall lamp,it is comfortable to use.