Romingo 7 Colors Lotus LED Candles Floating Candle Batteries Operated Flameless Candle Light Beautiful for Festival Lamp Decoration Home, Garden, Pond

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Brand : SWE
UPC : 602191458884

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7 colors lotus led candle for garden and pond decoration

  • Size: Diameter 7.6 x Height 4.5 cm (3 x 1.8 inch). Materials: plastic.
  • Come with 7 silicone loops. After cover the silicone loop to the bottom of the light, water will be prevented to enter, it can float on the water.
  • The lotus lights use an amber LED electronic to exactly simulate a flickering flame of a real candle, with accurate flicker frequency. Combine the control program of electronic chip, with clear inner and outer flame. Lifelike, tridimensional, artistic and natural.
  • No smoke, no heat, no dripping wax, no mess, no danger of open flame. No need to worry about the cleaning problem. The candles don't pollute the air and are energy-saving. Just replace the batteries for cyclic utilization.
  • Ideal as decoration for table, pond in home, garden, restaurant, hotel. Creating a artistic, and comfortable atmosphere.