Red Heat Lamp 250 Watts BR40 2,000 Hours Long Life Medium E26 Base Light Bulb Industrial Grade, Red

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Brand : Sterl Lighting
UPC : 711099823967

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Product Description:

Mainly Used Bathrooms / Showers - nothing is worse than coming out of a warm shower and stepping into a frigid bathroom. Absolutely miserable. =) Heat lamps work great to keep the room warm while you are in the shower; by the time you come out, the room is nice and toasty Brooding Chickens - heat lamps work great for giving a warm and necessary environment to baby chicks, as they are hatching and even early on in their life. Many other smaller animals also required increased warm living areas. This makes it easy to provide a solution without heating up a larger area. Food Service - Many buffets and commercial kitchens require the use of heat lamps to maintain heat inside of meals and specifically, various kinds of meats. Heat lamps accomplish this very well.

  • 250 Watts, 120 Volts, Red Heat Lamp Medium Base (E26) (Standard Household Size)
  • 2,000 Hour Rated Incandescent Floodlight Bulb 5 Filament Supports, Pure Tungsten Coil, Power Surge Resistant
  • Perfect to heat bathroom,showers and workbench or to prevent freezing can also be used for Skin Care, Sauna, Beauty Salon and Personal use
  • Great for Culinary heat lamp keeps food warm and ready to serve
  • Also great for giving a warm and necessary environment to baby chicks, dogs, cats, and any of your pets