RCS 2 Zones HVAC Controller (for Standard Gas/Electric Systems) (001-00242)

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Brand : RCS Technology
SKU : ABSB0002M5O16
UPC : 0410000074190

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RCS 2 Zones HVAC Controller (for Standard Gas/Electric Systems) (001-00242)br>

This high quality HVAC zone controller operates multiple, independent comfort zones in your home using your single heating and A/C system! Zoning reduces energy use by not heating or cooling unused zones. Improves comfort level within the home by allowing independent control of each zone's temperature. In addition, zoning improves your system's effiency by satisfying heat/cool calls faster, and extends the HVAC system life reducing run times! For two story homes, the thermal equalizer feature does away with the age old problem of too much heat upstairs and too little downstairs, and provides for further energy savings by recycling the excess upstairs heat to the lower levels. This zone control product works great with standard non-power stealing single stage heat/cool thermostats or RCS communicating thermostats controlled by X10 or serial RS232/485 systems. Easily installed and comes in a compact 6" x 8" x 1.5", one pound chassis.