PureOptics LED Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Light, Touch Dimming, Silver (VLED1506F)

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Brand : PureOptics LED
UPC : 180807150068

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An ideal choice for any common area or reading nook, this sleek LED floor lamp features two independently functioning lamp heads: one for roomwide accent lighting and another for targeted reading or task lighting. Designed with flexibility in mind, the lamp's smaller reading light (4W) extends and adjusts away from the main lamp, allowing users to easily position the light zone for reading, Crafts and more. The lamp's larger lamp head (12W) perfectly illuminates any room with the quick touch of a sensor, cycling through a series of brightness levels that will suit any mood. Featuring a sleek, satin nickel finish and frosted glass shades, this floor lamp's minimal aesthetic is the perfect complement to any room design. Plus, it features a weighted base to ensure the light won偓劉t topple over.

  • ADJUSTABLE ARM Dualpurpose, 72" floor lamp (12W) with an adjustable reading light arm (4W)
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE Easytouse, touch sensitive on and off with dimmer function for tailored brightness levels
  • MODERN LOOK & FEEL Sleek design features a weighted base, Satin Nickel finish and frosted glass shade
  • FLICKER FREE LIGHT ZONE Flickerfree light zone that is clear of shadows, halos and glares
  • COST EFFICIENT LEDs Uses costefficient LEDs that last up to 30,000 hours and use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs