PLATINUM 20W 120V 2700k Mini Twist Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

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Brand : Platinum
UPC : 46135144455

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Product Description:

Mini Twist Compact Florescent light bulbs are manufactured with special shortened spiral burners & SMT circuitry in order to reduce the bulbs Maximum Overall Length (MOL). They are smaller or very close to A19 bulb size, designed to fit in most A19 fixtures. With its 2700K Color Temperature, the bulb emits a warm light, similar to that of a 75 watts incandescent bulb, making it perfect for any household or office room. It features all of the advantages of a florescent light as it lasts longer and is lower in energy usage and cost when compared to an incandescent bulb. Not only does the Mini Twist Compact Florescent light bulb save energy and money, but can eliminate up over 100 pounds of carbon yearly.