Outdoor Waterproof Flameless LED Pillar Candles with Timer Long Lasting Indoor Battery Operated Electric Plastic Flickering Candle Lights for Home Garden Wedding Party D├ęcor Gift Choice 3-Pack

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Brand : Jingtech
UPC : 6959145817926


These top quality flameless LED candles are made of wax look plastic and designed for outdoor and indoor use. They look and flicker like real candles. The battery-operated LED candles are weatherproof and will not melt in hot weather when used outdoor. Outdoor candles are widely used to decorate your lawn, yard, garden, patio and for outdoor activities, such as BBQ, camping. And they are specially designed to decorate your wedding, you can use them as a table centerpiece too. Also, they are perfect for home, kitchen, table, desk, window, bathroom decoration. In addition, these flickering candles are great gift choice for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and the list goes on.... Each LED pillar has a built-in daily cycle timer. When you turn on the flameless candle, it turns on for 6 hours and turns off for 18 hours automatically everyday. With the timing function, you don't need to manually switch on and off LED candles.
1. Material: Plastic
2. Shape: Pillar
3. Size: 3" in diameter and 4", 5", 6" in height
4. Battery required: 2 AA batteries (not included)
5. Battery life: Around 1500 hours

Open and close the cover of battery compartment
Because of the weatherproof design, a silicon seal is used in the product. Therefore the cover of the battery compartment is tight. Like opening a tight jar lid, you need to twist hard to open the battery compartment cover. After you install batteries, close the cover tightly to make sure that the battery compartment is properly sealed.

  • Waterproof flameless resin pillar candles. These cream white fake candles are truly waterproof, can be used both indoor and outdoor. They look like and flicker like real candles, can decorate your festivals as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year... and they will create a romantic atmosphere for your home, kitchen, bathroom...
  • Easy to use with timer. There is a built-in timer inside each of the battery candles. Once you turn on the LED candle light, the candle stays on for 6 hours and then turns off automatically for 18 hours. These electric candles can be used alone or together with candle holders. For example they can light up your pumpkin, Jack-O-Lanterns.
  • Long lasting battery powered pillar candles. Each pair of AA alkaline batteries last about 1500 hours. You don't need to change batteries for the whole holiday season.
  • Decorative LED pillar candle lights. These flickering pillar candles are designed for propose wedding birthday party decoration. Also they can used to decorate your garden, patio, lawn, yard, home, kitchen, bedroom, table, window...
  • Perfect gift and present choice for kids, friends, parents... No risk of fire and no fume. They will not melt in outdoors or burn your pumpkin. Safe around homes, pets, seniors and kids. Great for Halloween decor.