Outdoor Flameless LED Candles with Timer - Waterproof Plastic Resin Realistic Flickering Battery Operated LED Pillar Candles Wedding Party Garden Decoration Long Lasting 1500H Battery Life 3x4 inch

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Brand : Jingtech
UPC : 6959145808887

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This high quality battery powered plastic flameless LED candle is perfect for outdoor and indoor holiday seasonal decorations, such as a BBQ party or garden decoration. The resin LED pillar candle look like and flicker like the real wax candle. For home, kitchen, yard, garden, patio, wedding, party, special events decorations, this battery operated flameless pillar candle is your prime choice. It is perfect for homes, kitchens, gardens, special events, parties, restaurants, hotels, catering halls, museums, churches, outdoor settings, concerts, wedding and festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year to light, build warm atmosphere and heat your home. Especially, as the waterproof design, it is a good decorative lighting source in a wet or moist environment, such as in a real pumpkin or a rainy day.

1.Material: Plastic
2.Shape: Pillar with waved edge
3.Size: 3" in diameter, 4" in height
4.Color: Dark ivory
5.Light color: Amber
6.Battery required: 2 AA (not included)
7.Battery life: around 1500 hours

Package included
1.One 3"x4" flameless LED pillar candle
2.One instruction manual

1. Open and close the cover of battery compartment
Because of the weatherproof design, a silicon seal is used in the product. Therefore the cover of the battery compartment is tight. Like opening a tight jar lid, you need to twist hard to open the battery compartment cover. After you install batteries, close the cover tightly to make sure that the battery compartment is properly sealed.
2. "Timer" is a built-in timer inside the battery LED candle
Timer is a built-in timer that enables candle to have timing function. It is not a separate controller.

  • ÉWarning"Timer" is a built-in timer inside the battery LED candle. There is a built- in daily cycle timer in the candle. The candle does not have the word "Timer" on it. Once you slide the switch to "ON" position, the timer starts to work. The LED candle turns on 6 hours and turns off for 18 hours automatically in every 24-hour cycle. Not having the word "Timer" on the candle does not mean "No timer". This candle have a built-in timer.
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  • ÉWaterproof Function This LED flameless pillar candle is waterproof and can be used in rainy days, moist or wet environment, for example, in a real Jack-O'-Lantern pumpkin. The bottom is a waterproof design with rubber ring, and can prevent small rain and snow. As long as not soak in water, the candle is safe at outdoor.
  • ÉSupper long battery life Each pair of AA alkaline batteries (with capacity of 2000 mAh) last for approximate 1500+ hours. You don't need to change batteries for the whole holiday season.
  • ÉSafe to Use Battery operated flickering LED flameless candle lights, no risk of fire, no fume and no wax mess. Safe around home, children, seniors and pets. High quality materials, elegant design, premium soft flickering IC and bright LED, all these make top quality flameless candle. And risk free purchase, if you is not 100% SATISFIED with your purchase, you will be offered a replacement or full refund.