Orange design Chandelier Unfinished Solid Casting Brass Canopy, Diameter 4-9/16"

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Brand : Orangedesign
UPC : 617923684134

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This is solid brass, new blank casting , Unpolished and un-lacquered casting brass canopy, with 1/8 ISP (3/8" OD) center hole for wired pendant light and mount kit, including loop.
This casting brass weight is 8.8 oz +/- 5%
Diameter: 4-9/16"H: 2-11/16" (without loop)
As this canopy has not been polished and lacquered, the finish surface has some tooling and casting oil marks, surface oxide, scratches and swirl marks from the production processing in high temperature. The method to eliminate them is to polish the brass.
Mount bar is included, including a brass loop
The actual item may be slightly different with the photo.

  • This is solid brass canopy, unpolished which is new condition
  • The mount kit is included.
  • It is perfect for brass chandelier