Neck Hug LED Book Light | Reading Lamp Hands Free | Multipurpose Knitting, Camping, Reading, Crocheting Lamp (Blue)

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Highlights: Foam rubber covered wire arms. Super flex steel alloy wire. Bend into any shape like candelabra, hook, cobra & coil etc. The hug light arms are soft, which hugs around your neck gently The soft LED light will not bother anyone nor harm your eyes The brightness of the LED is adjustable to match your needs Each Hug Light tip has 2 super-bright LEDs, one focused beam & one wide beam to fit your needs 2 soft foam, flexible arms, soft rubber grip neck pad, keeps hands totally free. LED operate independently. Extra-wide area illumination. 4 white LED. Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries (not included) Provide up to 40 hours of long-term energy. Color: Black, green, blue, pink, Length: 60cm

  • The KNITTING & CROCHETING LAMP is the go-anywhere, flexible, rugged, solution to task lighting - that keeps your hands free!
  • Two, 12 inch, steel alloy wire, flexible arms make it easy to bend the arms and point the ultra bright LED light wherever you want it.
  • Wear it around your neck and keep your hands free for your project, repair or task. Compared to a headlamp, the LAMP Pro offers the advantage of not shining a bright light into everyone else's face!
  • All of the rugged plastic housings are water resistant. A flat rubber base makes the LAMP Pro easy to stand on any flat surface so it can be used as a lantern.
  • Magnets embedded into the flat base are useful for attaching the light to any magnetic metal surface. The magnetic base is perfect for attaching the light to the side or hood of a car for repair... or to the side of a machine in the shop to really light up the work area for that machine.