MR16 Halogen Constant Bulb for Narrow Spot [Set of 2] Wattage: 50W

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Brand : Bulbrite
UPC : 713521301364

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Product Description:

BulbAmerica 9007 Xenon Clear Light Bulb

BulbAmerica Heliolite Standard Halogen Bulbs are OEM quality and produced with high quality materials, the purest gas and precision filament placement. These bulbs are the perfect option for those looking to replace their old, dim, or underperforming headlights.
XENON clear halogen headlight delivers more downroad visibility using a brighter light bulb with no added glare.


OEM Part Number: 9007
Lumens: 1350
Base: PX29t
Increased downroad visibility with no added glare

  • Halogen light bulbs have a longer life and a higher light output than incandescent bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs have a whiter and brighter light and less blackening, dimmable with most dimmers
  • Applications: interior, interior recessed lighting, track lighting, security lighting
  • Bulbamerica 9007 halogen bulb, 65W, 12V,
  • Base: , , Rated Life (Hr): , Luminous Flux (LM): ,