Mosaic Lamp-Handmade Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp with Mosaic Lantern,Bronze Base,Unique Table Lamp for Room Decoration(Red)-A5

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Brand : Aolun
UPC : 682698740972

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Bring delightful array of designs and colors to your home with handmade mosaic glass lamps from Turkey!

Our unique and illustrious mosaic lamps are handmade and created by skilled craftsmen. It comes with an enticing tradition of special light from the East. It contains cut glass pieces of assorted colors that are carefully pieced together to give a special lamp pattern on a lamp shade. The shades are then connected together to give a stylish handmade table lamp.

The Turkish Moroccan Handmade Lamp is great for mood or accent lighting and brings an awesome as well as the perfect ambiance into your room. Our handmade lamp comes in blue and purple colors. It has an intricate glass beading which surrounds dazzling mosaic designs encircling the entire 5.6" diameter handmade table lamp. It is ornate and fits with any decor.

Our unique table lamps are handcrafted to create a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue. You can artfully display the lamp or use it to collect multitude for breathtaking impact. The Turkish glass mosaic table lamp will brighten up your home and also impress your friends, family and loved ones with its authentic and stunning design. The manually crafted and beautifully designed table lamp is the perfect gift for that special someone. It will definitely bring smiles to the receiver's face.

The Turkish Handmade Mosaic Table Lamp has a great size. It comes with a LED bulb and electric wire.It is stunning as a table or bedside lamp. The glass is colored stained glass throughout and designed not to fade. It is uniquely crafted by making use of precision cut pieces to produce unique and stunning designs.

Rating Power: 5W
Lamp Height,11.4 inches
Bronze Base Diameter,4.6 inches
Mosaic Lantern Diameter, 5.60 inches

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  • ĆHIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: Our turkish lamp is made using quality materials. They are brand new, personally checked and will not compromise on quality. They are made of high quality metal and extra fine cut colored glass that are designed to last for generations. The glass is colored stained glass throughout and will not fade.
  • ĆUNIQUE DESIGN: The Turkish mosaic lamp is uniquely crafted by making use of precision cut pieces, it contains cut glass piece which are carefully placed together to produce a special lamp pattern on a unique lamp shade.
  • ĆA GREAT ADDITION TO THE ROOM: Our mosaic turkish lamp brings the perfect ambiance to your room. It is stylish and fits any decor. It is great for mood or accent lighting.
  • Ć100% HANDMADE: The table lamps are uniquely hand made by experienced artisans with Turkish style to create a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue and to also decorate your room, pub or coffee house.
  • ĆMAXIMUM SATISFACTION: The handmade lamp comes with electric wire and E14 lighting bulb. We are able to meet the requirements of various customers and consistently adhere to the policy of quality first, integrity first and service first by providing Turkish mosaic table lamps of high quality coupled with professional customer service.