Modern LEDGloriole Desk Lamp with Unique Shade Bedroom Lamps with Natural Wooden Base Luxury Bedside Table Lamp Well-Designed LED Light Perfect for Bedroom or Office

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Brand : LEDGloriole
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Decorate Your Room with Functional Device

Do you want to renew design of your bedroom, living room or hall & make it more fashionable & modern? Our small table lamp is just what you need either for home, office or hotel. Its unique shape looks beautifully anywhere on a desk or on a bookshelf, on a dining table or on a coffee table, as a side table lamp or a small bedside lamp. It always attracts attention & adds a little bit charm to decorof any room. Combination of solid wood bar & metal ring together w/ glass shade makes this table lamp dimmer original & stylish.

Safe Light for You & Your Family

Adjust needed brightness (3 possible modes) w/ help of touch button & get soft, moderate or bright level of warm white light pleasant for relaxation, reading or even working at the computer. Creating pleasant background illumination & needed lighting, it can be easily served as an office desk lamp, kids lamp, reading lamp, nightstand lamp, bedside lamp etc. Our eyecaring desk lamp provides shaded light, absolutely safe for kids & environment, without eyeharming glare. By the way, we choose longlasting 800 Lumen LED for minimal heating. It doesn't generate heat as most of incandescent bulbs do.

Save Your Money

Using this ecofriendly & energyefficient LED technology, you minimize environmental impact. Plus, such a LED lamp helps cut down on your electric bill. It includes 12.5 Watt power saving LED light so that you don't need to replace bulb each time. It lasts for years without overheating & burning.


  • Product Size:

Hight: 10" (25.5cm)

Solid Wood Base: 2.5" (6cm) x 3.7" (9cm)

Cord Length: 35.5" (90cm)Description:

  • Switch Type: ON/OFF
  • Memory function: last light setting is saved automatically
  • Soft coat material at bottom provides best grip.

What do you wait for? Place order & get optimal solution for affordable price.

  • TOUCH CONTROL our decorative desk lamp with LED light has a comfy touch control button to adjust to a suitable brightness level. Perfect idea for using at home, office, hotels, etc.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN made of high quality wood, glass, and metal our small lamp serves not only as a nightstand lamp but as a piece of decor. Its original & modern look makes the style of your bedroom, livingroom, halls, etc. more fashionable.
  • ENERGYSAVING INDOOR LAMP forget about continuous replacing of the bulb. Save your money. This cool table lamp has a 12.5 Watt power saving LED light that endures for years. No burning and no overheating.
  • SAFE FOR EYES this small bedside lamp has a white shade that softens the light, making it more pleasant for our eyes. It can be used as an office desk lamp, kids reading light, kids bedside lamp, etc.
  • RIGHT CHOICE our small desk lamp is a great gift idea. Everyone will enjoy its warm tones and background illumination for relax or reading. Try it out