Miracle LED 603005 5 Watt "Fat Beam" Wide Angle Flood Light Security Bulb, Cool White

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Brand : MiracleLED
UPC : 0700112143199

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Miracle LED 603005 5 Watt "Fat Beam" Wide Angle Flood Light Security Bulb, Cool White

Miracle LED 5W Outdoor Security Wide Angle Flood, 120VAC LED Light Bulb. Standard E26, Medium Base, Replacement Bulb for all outdoor flood lights. Especially requested by customers to replace hot Halogen flood lights that are not only expensive to run, but also dangerously hot. The bulb is second-generation production to achieve wider beam angle and cover more square footage while being the lowest cost green alternative on the market. Targeted also to replace anything CFL outside, removing Mercury products from outdoor environments. The bulb has the added benefit of fitting into any outdoor fixture due to its compact size. This eye-pleasing light is just the right bright color for lighting the night. Featuring instant on, no heat LED technology. It has design criteria of 15,000 hours or greater estimated life in the harshest outdoor environments. We like to stress that this bulb contains no heavy-metals or Mercury bi-products that are so prevalent in Fluorescent and old-style light bulbs. Field-tested to 30 degrees below zero. Used and preferred on job sites because of its chip resistant glass and vibration resistant attributes. The long life makes this a perfect choice bulb for locations that are not easy to reach, in areas you don? want to climb to very often and in places where labor is expensive to get to bulbs and replace. Additional attributes: Rough Service, LONG LIFE product. Technical Specifications: 6000K Color Temperature, 5 Watts, 400 lumens, 1 Year Warranty. Not to be used underwater.

  • 5W replacing 65W hot Halogen flood lights
  • Universal replacement for all PAR outdoor flood lights
  • Shielded, Weather Resistant bulb
  • Almost twice the spread of standard LED Flood lights
  • Absolutely No Mercury