Maxxima MLN-50 5 LED Night Light With Dusk to Dawn Sensor, 25 Lumens Plug In (Pack of 2)

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Brand : Maxxima
UPC : 755183166752

Product Description:

The Maxxima MLN-50 is the brightest plug-in Night Light available, with 5 White LEDs. This Night Light will turn on when it gets dark in your room and stay on until morning or until you turn on the main lights in your room. Comes in Pack of 2

  • Dawn To Dusk Sensor So Light Only Activates In Darkness
  • 5 Super Bright White LEDs 25 Lumens of light output
  • No Bulb Replacement With Energy Efficient LEDs
  • Perfect for Bathrooms, Basement, Hallway, Laundry Room, Stairwells, Etc
  • Comes in Pack of 2, UL Approved