Maikouhai Aircraft Safety Wire Twisting Pliers Set Lock Twist Twister Electrical Wire Pliers (9 inch)

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Brand : Maikouhai_Home Improvement Tools
UPC : 7433447241447

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High carbon steel forging, heat treatment, aviation industry grade products.


Product Name: Torsion pliers, screwdriver, fuse pliers

Usage: Screw insurance, prevent the screw from loosening and falling off

How To Use:

These 9" pliers allow for safe wiring (Lock wiring) of fasteners where needed rapidly and consistently saving you time on the job.

To operate, just grasp wire with pliers and lock, pull handle end and it puts any many number of twists needed. Pliers have a spring loaded return. 9" Safety Wire Twister Plier is a versatile tool to helps you do reliable safe wiring (Lock Wiring) rapidly and consistently.

Package Including:

1X9" Safety Wire Twisting Pliers

  • Made of high quality high-speed steel material. Good performance and high-precision quality. simply clamp the wire with the pliers, lock the jaws in place and then pull back to create a uniform twist.
  • Improve efficiency and make your work easier by saving you from repetitive works of wire twisting and striping. Compared with hand-twist, this wire twist plier is more uniform, efficient and safe
  • These safety wire pliers are really three tools in one: wire cutter, wire twister and a pair of pliers. Designed for aircraft, industrial and other applications.
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