Magnifying Floor Lamp, Addie 4-in-1 Daylight Super Bright 8x Facial Magnifier Light with Utility Clamp, Dimmable Full Spectrum Natural Sunlight LED Standing Light Desk Lamp-For Reading Task-White

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Brand : Addie
UPC : 760510405190


Product Description

Addie Tengda, a professional company of LED and magnifier Lamp. Patented product design, meticulous workmanship create a highquality floor lamp, our inspiration comes from floor lamp combined with magnifying glass, desk lamp and floor lamp dualuse design, apply to any occasion you want.
You can never find such a perfect magnifying floor lamp. We will introduce our unique floor lamp to you:

1.Three height adjustment and 2in1 design:
You must be the first time find our magnifying floor lamp, our floor lamp is free to adjust the height you want, up to 40 inches, the minimum can be 13 inches.
You can even put it on your desktop and use it as a desk lamp. We also give you a special clip, you can also have a clip lamp. Floor lamp, magnifying glass, desk lamp, clip lam...

2.Using touch dimming technology:
From 0 to 16 watts dimming to meet any of your needs, highquality SMD Light beads, so you can not imagine the brightness of the light, can light the entire dark room. Home lighting, Addie will be the first brand of your choice.

3.Professional use:
We have a handbag, magnifying floor lamp is detachable, which make it become a perfect lamp for dentists, estheticians, beauticians, makeup artists, jewelers, and dermatologists.
The light can be adjusted close to your projects and patients without heat or discomfort because the lamp constantly stays cool to the touch. Get this magnifying lamp if you want a lamp that is easy to position, stays cool, and is easily portable.

4.Premium Product Parameters:
switch: touch stepless dimming
light source: LED
power: 16 watts
Service life: 50000 hours
The dimensions of the light: 7 inches
Magnifying glass diameter: 3.15 inches
The highest height: 75 inches
The Minimum height: 48 inches
Weight: 11 lbs
Cord: 70 inches

Package includes:
1*2in1 magnifying Floor lamp

  • KNOWN FOR SUPER BRIGHTNESS: Are you complaining that your floor lamp is not bright enough? The light is dark? If you found the Addie Magnifier lamp, then congratulations! We dare to tell you loudly: you can never find such a bright LED Magnifier lamp. Uses the most advanced LED lighting technology, output more than 1000 lumens brightness (100W incandescent equivalent). Can light the entire dark room. Reading, writing, and any job. Addie light your way.
  • NEWEST 4IN1 SOLUTION: Patented design, Addie magnifying floor lamp constitute with three pole, you can choice one or two or three to adjust the level, if you reading book on the table, you can adjust to the highest, if you sit on the short stool, you can shorten it, an extrasolid utility base firmly anchors your lamp, no swing! In addition, the utility clamp fits snugly on a desk, worktable, or bench. The first exclusive design, meet your any needs. Magnifying lamp, choose Addie.
  • PROFESSIONAL MAGNIFIER: the Addie LED Magnifying Floor lamp was designed for anyone who needs to constantly focus close up or anyone with vision problems such as aging eyes or macular degeneration. This lamp boasts the largest authentic diopter glass magnifier lens available with a 15 inch plus focal range. The 3 diopter glass will magnify whatever you are working on up to 300%.It won't get hot so you can enjoy your hobbies comfortably.
  • USING TOUCH DIMMING TECHNOLOGY:From 0 to 16 watts dimming to meet any of your needs, when you use Addie magnifier lamp to read a book at close range, no longer worried about glare of light, avid readers love this magnifying lamp because it illuminates and 8X magnifies words to reduce eyes strain. It's perfect for reading a book, kindle, or iPad because it magnifies and illuminates without glare.
  • THE PERFECT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: With a magnifier lamp package, Magnifying floor lamp is detachable, you can always take it away. two kinds of use, which make it become a perfect lamp for dentists, estheticians, beauticians, makeup artists, jewelers, and dermatologists. All those creative design is prepared for you. All of Addie lamp have full , You will be satisfied with your purchase.
  • Color Available:White