Lutron S-603PH-BL Skylark 600W Dimmer 3-Way Preset Light Bl Clm

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Brand : Lutron
UPC : 27557054454

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Product Description:

Lutron s-603ph skylark dimmer with on/off switch incandescent/Halogen 3-way 600 w rocker switch returns light to your favorite light level slide up to brighten, down to dim (adjust light to suit any activity) coordinating claro wallplates available separately (including stainless steel) eco-dim S-603PH-BL available rocker switch turns on/off slide up to brighten, down to dim eco-dim S-603PH-BL guarantees at least 15% energy savings compared to a standard switch clamshell packaging wall plate not included incandescent, Halogen finish: black type: gloss 3-way slide to off wired 1 gang