LNSTUDIO 10 LED Book Light with 2 Arm,Rechargeable Clip on Light with 9 Level Brightness,Adjustable Gooseneck Music Satnd Night Light,Perfect for Music Stand,Book,Computer for Kids

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LNSTUDIO reading light with 10 SMD LED extra-bright lamps can give out soft light. Lightweight and portable design with flexible arm & padded clip can be used for books, e-readers, camping, music stand, etc. Bright enough to illuminate clearly without heavy glare. Specially designed for night readers or bed readers.
Flexible Neck & Wider Clip
360 flexible and sturdy goose neck makes it bendable. Up to 0.98 clip, can easily clip on a book or even a headboard.
Smart button design
The 10 LED book light has 2 arm and each has a button. So you can open it at the same time or single.
The important tips for charging
It usually fully charging about 4-5 hours, you can see that the LED light will red turn green.When the light is fully, you can use it about 12-16 hours.

LED Quantity:10
Brightness Levels:9(white light/warm light/mix of white& warm light)
White LEDs:5500-6000K
Gooseneck size:3.54 inch
Size:7.5x6.5x10 cm(2.95x2.56x3.94 inch)

Package Including
1xUSB charging cable
1xClip on light

  • �NEVER BUY BATTERIES AGAIN‘Most suitable LED for eyes reading lights. Light up 3x broader area evenly than normal LED. Flicker-free and glare-free, 100000 hours life.The built-in battery is 1000ma.You can charge it with AC Adapter or USB Charging Cable.When the LED light is full charge, the LED light will turn green.It usually charge 4-5 hours, then it can work about 12-16 hours.
  • �NINE BRIGHTNESS MODES ‘The led light with 10 SMD LED Bulbs, 3 level white light modes, 3 level warm light modes,3 level mix of white& warm light modes. It brings bright and convenient to our life. Besides, the decor looks tasteful and restrained with it.
  • �DUAL LED LIGHT & MEMORY FUNCTION‘The dual super LED lights with separate switches. Dual independent heads light up 2 full pages of your any size books, novels, orchestra, A4 size magazines, and larger pages.When you open the light again, it can keep the previous memory.
  • �ADJUSTABLE & CLIP ON DESIGN‘The unique clamp light is adjustable, you can adjust the clamp end standing up to clamp thinner objects such as book pages, if you do not adjust clip on lamp standing up, you can clamp thicker objects such as table edge.
  • �EYE CARE CONSIDERATION‘The lighting source is soft and is deal for reading / working as it won't produce flicker or negative radiation. In other words, it won't hurt or strain your eyes. It's perfect for camping, kid's reading, study, music stand, computer light, tasks & hobbies.