Lithonia Lighting FMLSL 20840 M4 Square 14-Inch LED Flush Mount Light, 4000K, 1100 Lumens, 16 Watts, White

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Brand : Lithonia Lighting
UPC : 0785577696213

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Lithonia Lighting FMLSL 20840 M4 Square 14-Inch LED Flush Mount Light, 4000K, 1100 Lumens, 16 Watts, White

What White LED fixture Replaces my Incandescent one? -Currently using 80W, purchase 16W version
-Currently using 100W, purchase 20W version
-Currently using 120W, purchase 24W version
-Currently using 150W, purchase 30W version
-Currently using 220W, purchase 44W version

What? the Difference between the FMLRL/SL and the FMLRDL/SDL LED Ceiling Light Series? -FMLRL or FMLSL are LED flush mounts designed to last 50,000 hours and are more for commercial or hospitality applications that require fixture to be one for longer periods of time
-FMLRDL or FMLSDL are LED flush mounts designed to last a little less and rated for 30,000 hours, which is still a very good. These are for your residential/multi fam applications

Why Integrated LEDs are better than Light Bulbs? - Integrated LED fixtures last up to 5 times as many hours as LED light bulbs or 50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs without losing any brightness!
-Maintenance Free!
-No need to worry about LEDs burning out which happens often when LED light bulbs are installed in older fixtures that are not compatible
- LED fixture does not generate as much heat as light bulbs because the fixture is designed to disperse heat efficiently
-Turns on almost instantly!

Electrical and other Important Information: -120V
-Size: 11 inches
-Shape: Square
-Color Temperature: 4000K
-Hours Rated: 50,000 hours
-Lumens: 1,100 LM
-Watts: 16W
-Dimmability: Yes, and works with most incandescent dimmers
-Energy Star Rated
-UL Listed in the United States and in Canada
-Suitable for Damp Locations

Installation Tips: -Comes with mounting hardware to install on ceiling
-Cam latch on top of fixture provides easy access to remove the diffuser for installation (shown in video)

What is color temperature and which should I buy? 3000K: Used in family homes, hotels, coffee shops and other warm and sweet environments.
4000K: Most commonly found in office or commercial environments but also in garage or utility rooms

Application Areas:
White Ceiling Light is ideal for new constructions, remodels or retrofit installations.
Closets, attics, hallways, bathrooms, pantry, kitchens, basements, foyers, bedrooms, offices, utility work areas, garages and other small areas

  • Energy Star Certified to save you hundreds of dollars every year and time since changing light bulbs is a thing of the past
  • Cost Efficient LEDs are designed to last 50,000 hours or 23 years when on everyday for 6 hours/day - drastically reducing time wasted changing light bulbs
  • Meets Highest Standards so perfect for Multi Family installation - Energy Star certified, cUL certified in the USA and Canada and certified for Damp Locations
  • Very bright LEDs deliver general ambient lighting for surface-mount ceiling application
  • Lithonia Lighting all white fixture works with most standard dimmers from Leviton and Lutron allowing the right level of light output and is easily installed
  • Features a white acrylic diffuser. Hidden cam-latches provide easy diffuser removal for installation and maintenance.
  • 14" units produce 1600 lumens, a 4000K cool white color temperature at 50,000 hours of service life.
  • Fixture operates at 120 volts, 60Hz. Standard input = 24 watts. All mounting hardware included.