Lightkiwi C9203 35 inch Cool White LED Puck Lights - Premium Kit (3 Pack)

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Brand : Lightkiwi
UPC : 615953177992

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Lightkiwi C9203 35 inch Cool White LED Puck Lights - Premium Kit (3 Pack)

Suitable for Multiple Uses
Bright Lights in any space, such as closet, cabinets, counters, utility rooms, bath, jewelry case, decorative, backlighting and more.

Easy Installation & Operation
Lightkiwi Under Cabinet Lighting can be easily installed mostly anywhere with using proper tools and with the dimmer switch, you can easily control the power (on & off) and the dimming.

Energy-efficient LED
Individual 3.5 Inch Lightkiwi LED Puck Light has 280 Lumen, bright 42 LED and only uses 3 watts maximum.

Hardwire Installation
If you plan to use a wall dimmer switch, you need to do the hardwire installation with dimmable transformer, instead of the included power supply which plugs into a wall outlet, due to the voltage difference between the wall dimmer switch (110V) and LED light panel (24V).

If not used with wall dimmer switch, plug-in power supply (except wall mount power supply) can be used to do the hardwire installation, but if a dimmer switch is needed, a 24V dimmer switch is required. You would need to splice the power plug from the power cord and connect to the power source with a junction box or something similar. Wall dimmer switch (110V) is incompatible with plug-in power supply.

Power Supply Start Up time
Depends on the wattage of power supply, the start-up time may differ. Please use matched wattage of power supplies for the best result.

  • Includes: (3) 3.5 inch Cool White 6000K LED Puck Light, 12 Watt Power Supply - Link up to (4) 3.5 inch LED Puck Light, Dimmer Switch, 4-Way Splitter, (3) 4inch Interconnect Cable, and (3) Mounting Screws.
  • Ultra Slim 3.5 inch LED Puck Light, 60 percent thinner than standard under cabinet lighting: Sturdy Aluminum Body, one of the best in the market for its exceptional durability, each 3.5 inch LED Puck Light (280 Lumen) consumes only 3 Watt.
  • Great Application for Under Cabinet, Over Cabinet, Display Cabinet, Hutches, Work Bench, Bookcase, Shelf, Closet, and More!
  • UL listed (File Number. E365383): LED Puck Light and Power Supply have been certified by UL to ensure & maximize the safety.
  • 840 Lumen, 24VDC, Continuous Dimming