Light IT! By Fulcrum, LED Smart Lantern Plus Rechargeable Night Light, White

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Brand : LIGHT IT! by Fulcrum
UPC : 605694003148

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This multi-functional light can sit anywhere on its base or be held or hung by its integrated handle. And It has a 60 lumen flashlight built into its base. You can turn it off and on manually, or use its motion sensor for automatic operation. The nightlight casts a pleasant glow, and it is easily portable as a lantern for power outages or emergencies. Its flashlight casts a bright floodlight that thoroughly illuminates a broad area. A usb cord for its rechargable battery is included.

  • Dual Mode - Choose between motion sensing or manual on/off mode
  • Convenient Handle - This versatile light can sit anywhere on its base or be held or hung by its handle
  • Emergency Preparedness - Can easily be carried as a lantern during power outages and emergency situations
  • Ultra-Bright LED Light - Floodlight technology provides ultra-bright, glare-free, wide beam lighting you never have to replace
  • Rechargeable - USB rechargeable battery and cord included