Life Gear Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern | Bright Lantern for Camping, Backpacking, Emergency Signaling

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Brand : Life Gear
UPC : 898639004472

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The Life Gear LED lantern is your new goto companion for every camping trip and a musthave inclusion in any emergency preparedness kit. Measuring 7.75 inches tall with a collapsible hook and foldable handle for easy carrying, this camping lantern is built with compact design and durable materials to resist both water and impact to keep shining bright through the roughest conditions. These LED lanterns shine with 35 lumens of brightness in standard mode for crisp area lighting, but they also offer a dimmer nightlight glow mode, red glow, and a flasher mode for emergencies. The lantern uses four AA batteries, you can get 13 hours of use in lantern mode or up to 200 hours in flasher mode. These LED lantern lights are perfect for camping, picnics, and everyday activities in the yard or garage.

*To use, twist black base to get to battery compartment. The Life Gear 8Lantern takes 4xAA Batteries. When inserting the batteries, make sure the batteries are being inserted over the battery compartment holder. The battery compartment is tight but is useful in helping the batteries stay in place in case the lantern is dropped. The lighting modes change with each click from LED Lantern, Red Glow & Emergency Flasher.

  • BRIGHT: 35 Lumen LED lantern lights up your area for maximum visibility
  • 4 LIGHT MODES: LED Lantern, reading light, glow red, and emergency red flasher mode allows you to be ready for any situation
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: This lantern takes 4 AA batteries which will get 13 hours or run time, the battery will last up to 200 hours in flasher mode
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Our compact design allows you to take the Glow Lantern where ever you need. With the collapsible hook, you'll be able to set on a table or hang the lantern and save space.
  • LIFE RESISTANT: The Glow Lantern is built to last! Impact and water resistant design ensures your lantern to continue to shine through the toughest conditions.
  • Color Available:Red