Leviton SO26 1-Gang Decora/GFCI Device Decora Wallplate, Device Mount, Stainless Steel

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Brand : Leviton
UPC : 078477794487

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Product Description:

The Leviton SO26 is a 1gang Decora/GFCI device Decora wall plate in stainless steel. Leviton is a smart choice for today's commercial, residential and industrial buildings. It offers a wide range of devices for different applications. Leviton's wall plates are presented in a variety of colors, materials and configurations. The Leviton Decora collection of wall plates offers you sleek, elegant look and can make your home or office feel classier. The Leviton SO26 device Decora wall plate is oversized. It provides greater coverage than smaller wall plates of this collection and hides unsightly wall surface irregularities. This Leviton SO26 Decora wall plate is made of stainless steel. Its construction ensures a lengthier lifespan for the product because the material helps the wall plate resist corrosion. Buy this Leviton device Decora wall plate and enjoy years of reliable use after installation.