LED Reading Light Best Book Light LED Book Light Rechargeable 5-Level Brightness (Cool and Warm) and Flexible Easy Clip On Lamp, Eye Protection Brightness, Soft Table Light for Night Reading

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Brand : Xinblue baby
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LED book light offer 5 LED & 3 brightness settings,best book light 360° flexible googe neck with silicone cover, LED book light Non-flicker light & eye-protection,rechargeable lithium battery & portable.

Enjoy Night:

LED Reading Light: Enjoy Night Reading With Such a Lovely Book Night.
Best Book Light: This mini LED book light is specially designed for night readers or bed readers.
LED Book Light: You can clamp the book light on your book and choose a mode you like according to your reading condition and enjoy your reading without worrying about disturbing others.Best book light reading LED.

3 Lighting Modes:

LED reading light 3-level brightness including All 5 LEDs, 3 White LEDs, 2 Warm White LEDs,best book light to cast a even light on your pages without flicking to avoid hurting your eyes and bringing you bad reading experience. LED book light And you can set it the brightness according your needs.Best LED light book reading.

Perfect Companion for Book:

LED Reading Light: Do you feel disappointed that book does not have backlight for reading at night?
Best Book Light : Do not worry about that! This mini book light gives you a great solution.
LED Book Light: If you have a book and you like reading at night, this product is perfect for you.LED light best book reading.

Never Work Late Alone:

LED reading light equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, it can work for 12 hours with 2 LEDs on and 6 hours with all 5 LEDs on under a full charge. Best book light please remember to charge you LED book light when the light dims out or runs out of battery.Best book LED reading light.

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  • & #x1F497;�5 LED & 3 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS‘:This LED reading light offer 3 different brightness settings:Best book light high light with 5 LEDs & White light with 3 LEDs & Warm light with 2 LEDs, LED book light which are suit for working & sleeping & reading just by clicking the button.Best book LED reading light.
  • & #x1F497;�360° FLEXIBLE GOOGE NECK WITH SILICONE COVER‘:LED reading light the goose neck is flexible which put the light on right position exactly where you want, best book light silicone surface protects pages being clamped, LED book light offers secure grip compared to naked neck.Best book light LED reading.
  • & #x1F497;�NON-FLICKER LIGHT & EYE-PROTECTION‘: LED reading light the book light with Natural and Non-flickering light which protect your eyes. There are best book light multi different brightness settings which, LED book light try the best to offer the brightness you want and protect your eyes.Best light book LED reading.
  • & #x1F497;�RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY & PORTABLE‘:The LED reading light built-in rechargeable lithium battery supports where you want go as best book light brings up to 12 hours lighting time with 2 LEDs on and 6 hours lighting time with all 5 LEDs under a full charge. Note:The LED nook light battery is rechargeable but not replaceable,provide a US charger. Light best book LED reading.
  • & #x1F497;�100% RISK FREE PURCHASE‘: LED book light offer 5 LED & 3 brightness settings, best book light 360° flexible googe neck with silicone cover, LED book light Non-flicker light & eye-protection, rechargeable lithium battery & portable. If there's any quality problem, we will REPLACE OR REFUND YOUR ORDER, no questions asked. CONTACT US directly whenever you want. WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP. Light best LED book reading.