LED Electric Flameless Orange Candle Yellow Bright Bulb Moving Wick with 4 Or 8 Hours Timer Battery Operated Artificial Simulation for Holiday Seasonal Christmas Halloween Wedding Party Decor 1PCS

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The product package includes: 1PCS, 3PCS 6PCS, if you have other ideas about the number of purchases, you can consult the store.

Product Information:
1. Main Materials: LED+Plastic.
2. Candle color: red / blue / purple / white / ivory / orange / green.
3. Light color: yellow light.
4. Switch: There is a dial control on the bottom to open and close.
5. Battery life: 100 hours +.
6. Candle life: 2-4 years (normal).
Products are available at festivals such as Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest, Carnival, and weddings, parties, home decor, outdoor restaurant romantic dinners, bars, use

whether you are using real candles Worried about the smog, late cleaning and replenishment of candle stocks and hidden fire hazards?
It doesn't matter, we will solve your problem once and for all. The LED moving wick flameless candle is more complete than other stores. It is more novel and can be used with glass containers and other accessories. The beautiful flameless candle is continuous. Glittering, like a star, adds a touch of mystery to your setting environment to create an elegant atmosphere that will surely become a unique landscape in your decorating environment.
Every candle is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, allowing them to create a romantic atmosphere without real flame threats.
Note: Avoid high temperature sunshine. If it is not used for a long time, remove the battery.
  • High quality: this product is made of high quality LED paraffin. The product size is 7.5*23cm/2.95*9.05in. Every candle is tested strictly before it leaves the factory. At the same time, the flame simulation technology is used to restore the appearance of the flame swinging slightly in the normal state, which is enough to be false and convincing.
  • Novelty:360íúswing of 3D lamp core simulates real flame, candle with 4/8h timing function, switch is adjusted for 4h or 8h for 24h or 16h extinguishing, if the gear is unchanged, the cycle is repeated. Used to illuminate night lights. Applicable to indoor holiday celebration, such as:Christmas Halloween party party wedding occasion restaurant religious church bar and coffee concert, is outdoor room full of romantic atmosphere light.
  • Battery introduction: using 2 No. 2 batteries, our battery power supply is energy-saving and efficient, and the battery life is longer than that provided by our peers. Candles can be used continuously by replacing batteries.
  • Switch convenience: the switch is at the bottom of the candle, with a dial control on the bottom / 4 hours / 8 hours, so that you can easily open and close the candle.
  • 100% Satisfaction: 101% Satisfaction Guarantee Customer is God, we pay great attention to customer attention to product quality and after-sales service. If you are worried about the quality of the product or other problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us and negotiate, we will provide you with compensation or a full refund. This is not only a simple promise, but our level of commitment to brand integrity.