LED Clip-on Taper Faux Wax Drip Candles Set 12 Battery Operated Remote on/Off

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Brand : Melrose International
UPC : 746427616294

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These battery operated wax drip LED clip-on candles are perfect for placement on your Christmas or other holiday decor. You can attach individual candles where ever you prefer without the hassle of tangled wires. Each candle is on a swivel base which allows it to be mounted straight up or at an angle.

  • 12 Individual 3" tall faux wax drip taper candles, Indoor use only.
  • Remote control on/off
  • Clip attached to each candle which allows for random placemen
  • Ball mount base on candles for vertical adjustment
  • Candles and the remote require 1 AAA battery each. Batteries not included.