Large Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pink Salt Crystal Natural Authentic Hand Carved Decor Lighting Dimmable – 8.5-10 Inches Tall

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Brand : My Perfect Nights
UPC : 798762362602

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Product Description:

  • CREATES A WARM AMBER GLOW – Our Salt Lamps can be used as a gentle nightlight or to create a romantic mood with the variable dimmer dial for a soothing, calming, relaxing atmosphere.
  • HAND CARVED in Pakistan – Each of our Salt Lamps have a Unique Style. Size, Weight, Color and Shape will vary. Color ranges from Pink/Yellow/White to Pink/Orange/Red. Each lamp will produce a warm, soothing, peaceful atmosphere. Our lamps come with a UL APPROVED 15-watt bulb, cord and dimmer dial to set that perfect glow.
  • AUTHENTIC 100% PURE HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTALS FROM PAKISTAN. Don’t be fooled by imitation salt lamps. Our salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan pink salt only found in Pakistan.
  • HIMALAYAN PURE SALT CRYSTAL IS A NATURAL AIR PURIFIER – The lamp emits negative ions that fight positively charged particles such as pollens, pet dander, smoke and other pollutants. Breathe easier.


A picture of Himalayan salt blocks with words describing the history Himalayan salt.
Himalayan salt lamp on table with view of the outdoors
Woman practicing yoga with salt lamp in front of her.
Salt lamp on night table in bedroom.
Picture of natural Himalayan salt blocks to show the various sizes, shapes and colors.


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