Ksperway 8" Set of 2 Burgundy Unscented Wax Flameless Taper Candle with Moving Wick,Timer and Remote

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Brand : Ksperway
UPC : 603786204756


Why we love Ksperway brand taper candles?

1.Moving Flame Candles.
This tapers provide realistic looking flameless candles using real flame-effect technology.

2.Timer and Remote.
you can use timer 19 hours on and 5 hours off or you can use remote to turn on or turn off the candle(Remote use only at turn-on condition.

3.Real Wax Shell.
The wax shell is made of unscented, no drip, 100% wax and is for indoor or covered outdoor use.

4.Safty is the most important thing.
Flameless tapers are a safe alternative to real wax candles without the mess. Battery operated tapers are perfect for home, weddings, decorating, holiday displays and more. These taper candles make decorating with a flameless candle set fun and safe.

5.Additional Features:
Measures 8" tall with a 1" base. Fits in most taper candle holders.

6.Lighting Time.
About 150 hours run time,then you just need to change the batteries.

Packing content: 2 x Taper Candles.1 x Remote. 1x User Manual. One pair of small gold color candle holder as accessories. 2 AA batteries needed-NOT INCLUDED!

1.If you plan to use your own candle Holder, please pay attation to the candle base size.The candle base is 1 inch. Candle can stand independently after batteries installed.

2.The bottom button of the candle is used for lighting--timer--remote function conversion. when light is intermittently,it means canlde on timer fuction. remote can not use at this time(Timer fuction-NOT INCLUDED for this Burgundy Taper Candle.) remote only have turn on and turn off fuction.
Please read the our universal user manual before using(this manual is for all types of our candles, so maybe some introduction of candles is useless).

3.Please pay attation to this real wax candle color if you want to use them to decorate your home. it is burgundy.

  • Real Wax Material: the sturdy wax shell is made of unscented, no drip, 100% wax in burgundy color. You can use these LED battery operated candlesticks indoors or covered outdoors. 150 hour run time per each flameless candle per set of AA batteries.
  • Remote: You can use the remote to control the candles on and off when you need.
  • Moving Wick and Dancing Flame: flameless taper candles feature realistic looking flameless candles on the market. Light glows and dances on the moving flame piece providing a stunning, real looking effect. No more "static" wicks on your flameless taper candles.
  • One Inch Base Set of 2 Candles: If you plan to use your own candle holder, please pay attation to this candle base size. It is 1 inch base and 8 inch height. but candles can stand independently after batteries installed.
  • Decoration: This real looking flame taper candles can be used as a great gift as well as a wonderful set for your own home decor and also for restaurant, office, church, weddings, dinner, parties, children rooms decoration and Halloween Christmas