Kirch & Co Mercury Steel and Chrome Plated Pendant

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Brand : Greensha
UPC : 0741459157111

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Product Description:

Touch LED Desk Lamp with Rechargeable USB Cable, Flexible Neck, 3 Levels of Dimmable Touch-Sensitive Control and Cute Bird Pen Container


Touch Sensor Switch is applied to this lamp, and it has 3-levels of different brightness: single touch gives lowest brightness, double touches medium and three touches the strongest. Adjustable brightness can meet various demands of different environments.

After fully charged, the lamp will last 15 hours consecutively in the dimmest light; 10 hours in medium light and 5 hours in brightest
The batteries are discharged when lamp is dimming. Please stop using the lamo, and recharge it in time, lest it damage the performance of the batteries and reduce its life
Product Details

Charging Rated Voltage : DC5V.
Charging Rated Current : 500MA.
Battery Capacity : 3.7V/18650/1500MA.
Charging Period : About 3 hours.
The Light Source Power : Low Level 0.125W, Middle Level 0.5W, High Level 1W.
Intensity of Illumination : ----LUX (30CM)
Package Included

1x LED Desk Lamp
1x USB Charging Cable ONLY(NOT include adapter)
1 x User manual