KCPer Umbrella Lights, 112 LED String Lights with Remote Control Umbrella Lights Battery Operated Waterproof Outdoor Lighting for Patio Umbrellas Outdoor Use Camping Tents Warm White (White)

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Brand : KCPer
UPC : 078759320175

Product Description:

The solar power supply is unstable, and the lamp bead is only 72, which causes the lamp bead to be dim. This Umbrella Lights product is equipped with 3 No. 5 batteries, the lamp power consumption is low, and the lamp bead is 112. High brightness, long discharge time to achieve switching, timing, adjust flicker mode, adjust brightness function; 


  • 8x1.4 Meters 112 LED Umbrella lights: 104 Leds 8 Strings, 112 LED per string, Each string 4.3ft length,Made from IP67 cooper wire.Suitable for decorating tablet market umbrella or tents with 8 ribs.
  • Battery Operated with IP65 Waterproof: Power supply by Lower voltage 5V ,Safety 3 x AA battery (Not included),Much longer power than solar powered. IP65 battery box, withstand all kinds of weather, including heavy rain.c
  • Adjustable 8 Flash String Lights:Combination,wave,sequential,slow glow, flash, slow fade, and steady on modes, Can adjustable the brightness, More lighting functions than other brands which only have 2 or 3 modes.
  • Decoration umbrella String Lights: Warm light atmosphere perfect for restaurant, market umbrella, garden, yard, cafe, coffee shop, beach and other outdoor places, Meet your activity like BBQ, Playing cards, Camping, lying on your leisure chair in the evening with your families.
  • Remote Control& Easy to install :Just use cable tie to tied up each string and put the battery box in the top of umbrella, Control the lighting with remote control, you can control power on/off, timer set or adjust lighting mode and Brightness.

 Product selling point: 

 1. Small in size and light in weight, the lamp bead is made of 0603 soft rubber lamp bead, which is 3-4 times of the life of F5 lamp bead; 
 2, F5 lamp beads are not glued, not waterproof, can not be used outdoors, and this product lamp beads waterproof grade IP67, can soak; 
 3. At present, the umbrella lamp is powered by solar panels. 
 4, the current market umbrella lamp needs manual adjustment switch, flashing mode, and only constant light + flashing mode, single function; this lamp with infrared remote control, can achieve switching, timing, adjust the flashing mode, adjust the brightness function; 
 5. New product, high quality Experience, with infrared remote control, can realize switch, timing, adjust flash mode, adjust brightness function 
Product properties: 

  • the light string specification 112LED, lead length 30cm, 8 x13LED; 
  • lamp bead waterproof grade IP67, waterproof battery case IP65, neutral kraft carton packaging; 
  • lamp beads: 0603 super bright lamp beads, Sanan chip; 


  • 1x umbrella light 
  • 1x remote control (without battery)